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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review: Lust Plague (Steamwork Chronicles #2) by Cari Silverwood

5 Stars
Lust Plague
Series: Steamwork Chronicles, #2
Author: Cari Silverwood
Genre: Erotica, Steampunk, BDSM Romance,  
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 203
Purchase: Loose Id | Amazon | Fictionwise |

In author Cari Silverwood’s second Steamwork Chronicles novel we meet airship captain Kaysana not long before her ship is caught by Zombie F, a lust plague. Her whole ship is infected and turns to zombs except for a few women and Sten, a male mercenary and frankenstruct whom she had been verbally sparing with since he got on her airship.

Kaysana does not like frankenstruct’s, hates them in fact, for personal reasons so the very last things she wants to do is have rough, her-tied-up-and-at-his-mercy sex with Sten but her body and mind has other ideas. It is not long before the question arises—is it the plague that makes her shiver at his commands and long to beg for the sting of pain his hands sometimes bring her or is it her true desires?

After her whole ship is infected and Sten saves her and some other women of her crew the rest is lost and she must rely on him, and his huge wolf Cadrach, to help her get to the base that might hold a cure to Zombie F.

The only thing standing in their way is hordes of zombies, some who are a lot smarter, and quicker than your average zombie.

I really enjoyed this novel and have come to the conclusion as I am sure others have, that Cari is one hell of a sex scene creator, even in the middle of zombie gore, she still managed to bring the erotica scenes to a height that few authors in my opinion can.

After reading Cari’s first novel in this series Iron Dominance, there was no way I could say no to reading this one! It drew me in from the very first page; fast paced, erotica packed, suspense and action riddled it did not let me go until the last.

In Iron Dominance a bill was passed that freed frankenstruct’s, made them legal citizens I suppose, so it was very interesting to see the after affects of this in the second novel. There is a lot of resentment and I would guess out right hate against the frankenstruct’s from some people, but at the same time you see a little of the others side as well.

Kaysana, as before, hate’s frankenstruct’s so this definitely made great plot in the novel to see her and Stan have such a strong connection. She fought with herself and desires most of the book.

Overall I really liked both Stan and Kaysana; they were both very serious and strong characters. Not only that but even if Kaysana would not admit it I think they were both drawn to each other from the first time they met, I know Stan liked her before Zombie F hit.

I have to say also, that I really loved how the author brought in a few other characters and made them so immersed in the main plot as well, namely the librarian Emily, Cadrach (Stan’s huge wolf) and of course Emily’s little bird. They all brought something to the book that kept them front and center in the plot with the two main characters.

In the end I only have one question, well two actually. #1: When is the next book? #2: Will these ever be in paperback because they are a must have for my bookshelf!

I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good BDSM romance/action with steampunk as well.

*I received a hardcover/paperback/eBook copy/ARC of this book for free to review from the author/publisher; this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. Can I say I adored your review, Holly
    Because it seriously made my day, and probably my week too. Year even?
    I'm framing that part about the sex scene creation :)


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