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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Obedience Training (Ian McAllistor #1) by Mya #FMBBooks

Title: Obedience Training
Series: Ian McAllistor #1
Author: Mya
Genre: Male/Male Romance, BDSM, Paranormal Romance,
Publisher: Loose Id
Format: Ebook
Length: 232 pages
Purchase: Amazon
Book Description: 

Ian McAllistor has always thought of himself as an Alpha werewolf. Born last in a pack of dominant females, he always felt as if he had something to prove. A chance encounter with a very special couple opened his eyes to his own submissive nature. As his desire for supplication grew, Ian needed a lover of his own, someone he could submit to.

When he first laid eyes on Khalid Diya al Din, Ian knew that the golem was just the one to bring him to his knees. One of the ancient races, Khalid had nearly everything necessary to make Ian tame: smoldering eyes, massive chest and four arms!

Yet just when Ian thought that things couldn’t get any better, his mother and sisters appear. They don’t like the idea of Ian being submissive, especially not when a power-hungry Alpha wants the McAllistor sisters for his own and is more than they can handle. They need a male Alpha. They need their brother.

Left with little choice, Ian has to make peace with his past, accept his present and learn that sometimes submission is the heart of strength.

I have to admit that I almost put this book down more than once; only my overall like for Ian and curiosity as to what was going to happen kept me going. I am glad that I did not put it down now.

It was the whole first of the book before we meet Khalid that put me off. When things were happening between Gray and Douglas I felt like as much of an outsider as Ian did which is not how I as a reader want to feel. 
Obedience Training really kicks off when we meet Khalid, and
Gray and Douglas are out of the picture for the most part. I went into the book expecting Ian to meet up with Khalid when he does not until later in the book.

In retrospect I can see the first half of the book from a better point of view--it introduced us to Ian, the world and the lifestyle that Gray and Douglas lived--that Ian wanted, even needed. But it was still pretty slow for me until we meet Khalid.

The lifestyle itself was very unique and familiar—BDSM but with a twist as we have were’s who spend a good bit of time in their wolf form and sometimes sleeping in doggy beds. There was no sex while they were in wolf form though. So very interesting and new, to me—possibly there are more books out there like this and Obedience Training is just the first I have found.

I liked Ian; he was stubborn and filled with aggression and I really felt for him. His past family life was pretty bad with three dominate older sisters and him the runt of the litter his childhood was no picnic.

Khalid was wonderful, the perfect mixture of understanding, aggression and dominance he was just what Ian needed in a partner.

Overall I liked Obedience Training and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good male/male BDSM read.

3 Moons!

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