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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Details of the Hunt (Details #1) by Laura Baumbach #FMBBooks

Title: Details of the Hunt
Series: Details #1
Author: Laura Baumbach
Genre: Male/Male Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction,
Publisher: MLR Press
Format: Paperback
Length: 316 pages
Purchase: Amazon
Book Description:

A 26th century, time-traveling, bounty hunter snatchs a 18th century Earth pirate in a deal to enrich the archeological knowledge of Earth's mankind, but as the bounty hunter develops an attraction for his likable, free-spirited prey, he attempts to alter the deal, threatening both his own personal code of honor and the strict rules of conduct of his Oracan warrior race. Will the love of a wily, cock-sure, young human pirate be enough for the stoic hunter to risk exile from his own people?

Wow. I have had Details of the Hunt sitting on my to-read shelf for more than a year. After reading it I cannot believe that I let such a wonderful book sit on my bookshelf for so long, and I cannot wait for book two to be published!

Details of the Hunt was so intriguing! The 26th Century and an 18th Century pirate—it was filled with humor, danger, and some very hot (if somewhat odd) sex scenes.

When I say humor I think you have to picture it—we have a very charismatic, young pirate captain (Aidan) from Earth in the 18th Century who is
saved from drowning by a 26th Century alien who he believes to be a sea monster.

Aidan was a riot! He had me cracking up almost every other page. He had no idea about this new world, time and its people but he kept true to character of how he was in the 18th Century; a pirate, a thief, charismatic, a flirt, too curios for his own good but also honorable and caring.

He readily accepts the new time and its people after he realizes he isn’t dreaming or dead; of course he is not happy about being sold into what he thinks of as slavery. But he has Talos, the 26th century, time-traveling Oracan bounty hunter who has taken him.

Talos was attracted to Aidan right off, he felt the urge to take him as a mate, and the only thing stopping him is that the pirate is the bounty of a legal Hunt that he has to turn over to another. But soon even that is not enough to keep the two apart.

We do have some weird thrown in that made me reread a few paragraphs before I understood (mostly concerning the Oracan sexual organs) but I think that is part of Details of the Hunt’s charm. It was definitely not a book like any other.

Overall I would highly recommend Details of the Hunt to anyone looking for a great male/male science fiction romance read and does not mind a little weird/odd in their books.

5 Moons!

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