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For the month of April we are offering a deal on our book advertising for authors and publishers! Buy one month, get one free! :) For every month you purchase I will give you a free one. Ends April 30th

Full Moon Bites now offers advertising placement to authors and publishers. 
For more information about pricing, availability and scheduling please email fullmoonbites @ gmail . com (without the spaces)

FMB accepts most all genres: Romance, Paranormal, Erotica, BDSM, M/M, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, YA, NA, Mystery and more! (We do not accept children or religious novels)

Pricing/Ad size/Placement:

Top Banner Ad: 
  • 600 x 100 
  • Availability: July 2013, September and on.
  • $50.00 USD a month

Bottom Banner Ad:
  • 600 x 100 
  • Availability: April 2013 and on.
  • $30.00 USD a month

Top Book Side-Bar Ad:
  • 317 x 475 
  • Availability:
  • $25.00 USD a month

Regular Side-Bar Ad:
  • 200 x 300 
  • We have two placements that are this size, both can be purchased at the same time or separately.
  • Availability: April 2013 and on.
  • $15.00 USD a month

Book Trailer Ad:
  • 420 x 315 
  • The video must be available on YouTube
  • Availability: August 5th
  • $50.00 USD a month

Side-Bar Banner Ad:
  • 300 x 485 
  • Availability: April 2013 and on.
  • $35.00 USD a month

Image Formats we Accept:

  • .JPEG
  • .PNG
  • .GIF (Animated .GIF included)

Please read all of the below before you purchase.

We do take 18+ ads but we reserve the right to deny any ad we find offensive or inappropriate.

At this time we only accept PayPal payments and payment is due at least a week before the ad is set to go live. Delay in payment will affect when your ad goes up.

We do not usually do the designs for banners but can make simple/plain banners. I do know a wonderful designer who does banners that I can recommend or work with if you are in need of a banner image. (You would have to pay her fee for the banner graphic though which is usually $20 I have attached here and example of her work.)

If you purchase more than one month of ad placement you can change the graphic or book featured. Please just contact me when/if you would like to with the new image and link you would like.

If you need to cancel your ad for any reason, please contact me right away. If your ad has already gone live there is no refund.

Payment is non-refundable after the ad goes up but non-refundable ever if I provide your ad image for time invested in it and any payment I may have to make for it.