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Author of the Week, Tarah L. Wolff

Tarah L. Wolff

About the Author:

Born in Park Rapids, Minnesota in 1986 Tarah L. Wolff has been writing and dreaming of being a novelist since she was 10 years old. In 2000 she she joined The Jackpine Writers' Bloc and took the group over entirely with her aunt. They restarted the monthly writers' meetings and took control of the group's yearly publication: The Talking Stick. In their time, the JWB has gone from a little known writers' group to a publication with reports of books sold on the Internet from Alaska to England. In 2005, Tarah started a web and print design business called Web Services of Park Rapids. The business has been successful for her and she continues it to this day but Tarah will be the first to say, though, how badly she simply wishes to support herself by writing for the rest of her life. Read more by going here.

Find Tarah at:

Embraced By Darkness
Her Website

Interview with Tarah L. Wolff

Tarah L. Wolff is author of Sacrifices, the first novel in her Embraced by Darkness series.

Holly: Hello, Tarah! Will you tell us a little about yourself?

Tarah L. Wolff: Hi Holly, well I started out in Minnesota, mowing at my parent's golf course since I was fifteen, I love to golf even to this day! We had to sell the golf course a couple of years ago, just got to be too much. Between writing and the golf course (and the fact that I was home schooled) I was pretty much consumed my entire child hood! I finally got my butt back to Minnesota permanently in 2010 and I finally feel like I've settled and got myself home.

Holly: Do you remember when and how did you first become interested in writing?

Tarah L. Wolff: I was really young when I read the Lord of the Rings series. I was always such a gamer too, I must have played Final Fantasy 7 a dozen times one summer. I was absolutely enraptured with the idea of a fantasy world. My aunt was a poet who was a part of the Jackpine Writers' bloc and she started encouraging me as well. I was around 11 when I first started writing and, of course, it was fantasy.

Holly: What about when you decided to become an author?

Tarah L. Wolff: I knew I wanted to be a novelist right from the start, I had no idea how to get there but I can honestly say becoming an author (the certainty of it in my life) is the one thing for me that has never changed since I was very young.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your novel, Sacrifices?

Tarah L. Wolff: Sacrifices is about strong women, about people who can make a difference and who despise injustice. It is a fantasy book that's really geared toward adults. The friends of mine that have read it so far always comment that it's kind of a Twilight for adults.

Holly: What was your inspiration for this novel, or series in general?

Tarah L. Wolff: I've always been someone that gets very angry at injustice but never felt like I could ever do anything about it. I believe my inspiration was a book written about people who could do something about injustice and its been really eye opening exploring those themes and realizing that often no matter how much someone might be able to change, there will still always be injustice and unfairness and cruelty.

Holly: From what I understand you are working on the second novel in the series, Stricken, now.

Tarah L. Wolff: Yup, Stricken is picking right up where Sacrifices ended, I'm really excited about writing the sequel. Sacrifices was my first novel and such a wandering beast that took years to really cut down and make publishable. With what I have learned from Sacrifices, I have a real handle on Stricken now and am excited to see how it will turn out.

Holly: Do you have any idea if it will be published this year?

Tarah L. Wolff: I'm really hoping for Christmas of this year :)

Holly: Are you working on any other works at the moment?

Tarah L. Wolff: Yeah, I think every write can probably admit to having a few too many buns in the oven. I've had to really rein myself in or I would constantly be starting new writing projects and probably never finishing them. I have one novel written that I will be attacking and re-writing as soon as Stricken is finished and published, the novel is called The Death of Eliana.

Holly: I think I told you this before but I love the book cover for Sacrifices! I understand that you did it yourself?

Tarah L. Wolff: Thank you so much! Yes, I did it myself, I had a pretty small budget when it came to Sacrifices and I decided I needed to come up with something on my own.

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Tarah L. Wolff: I really hope you enjoy Sacrifices, it is my first novel and it does have its little quirks but I believe if you stick with it (and with me) you will find the journey worth it.

Random Quickies!

Holly: What is you favorite book?

Tarah L. Wolff: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Holly: Favorite author?

Tarah L. Wolff: Stephen King

Holly: Ebooks or paperback/hardcover?

Tarah L. Wolff: Paperback but I just got myself a Kindle and am starting to really like using it!

Holly: Blue candy or purple?

Tarah L. Wolff: Blue... as long as its blue raspberry :)

Holly: Do you know the answer to the purpose of life?

Tarah L. Wolff: The answer to the purpose of all of our lives is “Yes”

Books by Tarah L. Wolff

Embraced by Darkness Series

#1: Sacrifices

Coming Soon

Stricken (Embraced by Darkness, #2)-- Hoped for publication date December 2012

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