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Facts, Questions and Answers. I have decided this might be helpful for everyone and save some time emailing. Which we all know I need! ;) My inbox is scary at times.

Have a question? Leave it in the comment section below or email it to me at fullmoonbites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) and I will answer it below!

I would love to interview you on my blog/site! Would you like to?

I love doing blogger interviews please just contact me with the info. :)

How did you get started? Why a book blog?

I started reading and not long after I wanted to share my thoughts. I started off by just doing book reviews on Goodreads but not long after created my own book blog. I love books. I love reading, reviewing and then sharing my thoughts with other book lovers.

Where did the idea for 'Full Moon Bites' come from?

It's a secret. ;)

What genre is your blog? I see a lot of different ones around but the name has a paranormal feel.

The name does have a paranormal feel and perhaps I am partial to paranormal romance but really as long as it is adult and fiction (and I do not just mean erotica romance) you will probably find it around the blog. From paranormal romance to contemporary, mystery, horror, thriller, erotica romance, m/m romance, BDSM, etc.. The only thing you will not see a lot of is young adult and new adult. While I and other reviewers of FMB do review them as well again we are usually more adult (think Night Huntress series).

Are you accepting books for review?

Yes, we are accepting books for review. You can submit your book HERE but please read our review policy first.

Do you review Self-Published and Indie authors?

Of course! More and more authors are going in this direction everyday and I have never been one to limit myself and maybe miss out on a great book and author. :)

Can I contact you about FMB Author Promotions? 

Yes you can however I do recommend visiting FMB Author Promotions and looking around the site, checking out the FQA and more f you have not.

Do you participate in book blog tours? 

I love to be a part of blog tours if I have a date available please just email me with the info.

Are there any available advertising spots open at Full Moon Bites right now?

As of March 2013, yes. :)

I emailed you but have not gotten a response back yet??

Please allow me 2-3 business days to get back to emails. I will email back I just have a ton of emails I deal with each day on top of the blog, FMB Promotions and more, so I can be a little slow.

If you need to get in contact with me right away please put EMERGENCY or PLEASE READ in the subject of your email and I will get to it right away.

I noticed that in your posts sometimes the i is missing in words like is, it, in, etc.

Unfortunately my key bored is getting old and the i does not work very well anymore. I am going to get a new one ASAP but until then I may be missing a few i's in posts. I try to catch them all but I know I miss some. If you could comment and point them out that would be wonderful and I will fix them right away :)

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